Top Websites for Classical Educators

This will have to be a work in progress — the fact is that if you put “classical education” into the google search box you will get a variety of sites.  These were some that seemed particularly helpful and well-produced:

The Well-Trained Mind offers a book, web forums, advice on how to get started on the most basic level, and a long and interesting discussion on the work of Charlotte Mason.  Also: the Well Trained Mind Academy, an online instruction project.

The Circe Institute site provides a fine introduction to classical education, sells the teaching materials The Lost Tools of Writing, and hosts an annual conference for teachers in classical schools, as well as offering a blog and a newsletter.

Classical Christian Homeschooling  contains an introduction to classical homeschooling with a Christian perspective, and includes a description of the trivium and quadrivium along with a discussion of classical learning theory.  It is linked with the organization’s new site which includes slightly different content on the same theme.

Classical Conversations is building a network of homeschooling families using a pre-designed classical curriculum … good discussion of what a classical education is for young students can be found here …

American Classical League is the professional organization for Latin and other classics teachers in the U.S.  They have extensive classical teaching materials available for sale as well as information on the national Latin exam and discussion forums on Latin teaching practice.

If you know of a blog you believe should be added to this list, feel free to comment below.




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