Istation and my Whole Class Intervention

Istation goalsI’m hoping not to be called a hypocrite for still using data after a couple of major beefs with the way data is used! I do use data!  And last week the vice principal seemed pleased overall with my whole class intervention plan using istation, in which each student had a current reading level, an intervention strategy, and a goal number for the first of February.

The interventions were as followes:  the highest readers would receive extra Accelerated Reader time on the computers, so that they would be able to read independently and check their understanding. Although not the ideal (the ideal would be me talking with them about the books and choosing new ones together) it was what I came up with according to the time and resources available in the classroom.

The next group, who are primarily English Language Learners (ELLs)  is  receiving what I called oral language intervention, which means that they receive targeted talk with me throughout the day.  I “check in” with them more frequently and give them additional chances to speak English.

A third group was given phonics intervention, which meant while other students were reading independently, this group (along with the one below it) would do oral phonics drills of the Orton Gillingham phonics powerpoint.  Then they would practice the sight words using a Powerpoint I had made at the start of the year.

The final group would receive, in addition to the phonics intervention, after school tutorials.  These tutorials are comprised of phonics drills, phonics games, phonics writing and small reading group time.

Each student is supposed to gain 20 points on their istation score from the first test in September by the end of the year, so I gave each student the goal of gaining at least two points by the start of February.

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