Parts of Speech Exercise — Build a Sentence

20160406_093840I was most pleased with myself for cooking this one up.  My first graders have been studying nouns, verbs, and adjectives.  Reciting “a noun is a person place or thing” will not do.  They have to understand what a noun, verb and adjective really are.  This exercise suggested that they randomly use the word types in the same order to create new sentences.

This exercise allowed differentiation in the following ways:  First, I could give a goal number of sentences — students could write anywhere from two for the struggling writers to 8 for my speed demons in the ten to fifteen minute block.  Second, those with weak vocabulary could just work on getting a sentence put together, while those who were more advanced could work on creating a truly ridiculous sentence.  My beginning English learner who barely speaks words yet could simply copy the sentences as they were presented.

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