Reading Scores Review

In which I explain why the class’s reading scores aren’t quite what I would have hoped … but that at the same time, they’re better than I should have been able to expect … I would argue that the classical methods (phonics drills, class recitation, grammar) I am using with the class had a very positive effect in the face of several difficult situations. Istation scores 2016

It can be hard being a teacher, when you’re judged by data.  The above reading chart shows that the class on average gained a year in reading skills .  That is the expectation of administration, and it has been met.  However, this interpretation does not fully reflect the situation … my class had a superlative year! If you look at the data in more depth, you would find that ten of the students gained at a 1.5 pace (learning 1.5 months  of reading per month of enrolled time) most of the rest gained a year, and two students gained only 6 months,  despite all efforts.

Some factors not reflected in istation’s Summary graph …

  1.  Approximately 18 students left and entered the class, many arriving and then again leaving midyear.  Only nine remained all year. This is an incredible level of mobility, which stresses everyone.
  2. Several of the students who left were some of the higher readers.
  3. At Christmas, four new immigrant children, one of which knew no English, entered the class with very low reading scores. By May, all of these had made a fast rate of progress, gaining 49 points, 27 points, 19 points, and 17 points, where 14 points is a year, in four months.
  4. The class has at this time six children who have exhibited severe behavior (I began the year with nine).  Nevertheless, learning has continued at what I can only call a rapid pace despite various distractions (fellow teachers you know what I am talking about).

Overall, I am proud of our results.  At the end of the year, in running record tests, 8 of the children are on level for second grade, eight are six months or less behind, and four are further than 6 months behind. Having begun with only two who were on grade level in September, that is pretty darn good!

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