Book Review: Where the Wild Things Are

I think books should be rated in numbers from 1 to 1000, that number representing the number of times that you are willing to read the book to the child, and a second time the number of times the child wants to have the book read. On that scale, Where

To Find Out Who is the Wildest Thing of All, Read the Book

the Wild Things Are is a 1000/1000. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the magical story of the boy who “wore his wolf suit and made mischief.” But in the area of stimulating creative thought and reflection, the book is a winner as well, because it raises more questions than it answers. The first of which is, how did Max leave for a year and come back the same day? And then there’s the question of whether the Wild Things are really naughty or not. A story about imagination, about freedom and life’s consequences and yes, about redemption, with some of the most remarkable illustrations in a children’s book I’ve ever seen — well, it is simply a classic classic.

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