How to plan your home school using a personal weekly schedule for each student

img008This is how I simultaneously held my two homeschooled daughters accountable and set them free.  And I was spending only the first hour of the day actually instructing them; the rest of the time they worked independently.  They did not do all the subjects every day; in fact in some years they did not do all the subjects.  But most subjects they did at least once a week.  For an incentive, I wouldn’t give them lunch unless they were done with math, their journal, their foreign language and grammar lessons.

Here it is:  the weekly homeschool template.

Religion:  Take credit for morning devotions, prayers, or other gathering.  In a secular school they call it morning meeting.  In a religious school it’s family prayer.

Math:  I’m assuming you’ve got a math book.  Generally, math is the hardest subject to get focused on and that’s why we did it first.  Put in the page and lesson the student will do on each day.  My girls checked their own work with the teacher guide.  If they got less than 85% they had to redo the problems they missed.

Now, for English:  I have long been an advocate of the almost completely free reading time scheduled in minutes.  This plan is for once the child reads independently.  If that is not yet occurring refer to 7 steps to get a struggling reader or any child to read.  You would do this lesson right after morning meeting.

They might have a grammar book.  If they have that, write down the pages.  Also, my kids had to write a page of journal every day and a book report on Fridays.

History and Geography:  At times we used a textbook like the Greenleaf Guides.  At other times they read novels or made maps. 

Handwriting:  I assigned handwriting daily for years in a handwriting book.  The kids remember it, for the most part, fondly.

Science:  We didn’t do too much of this but we did try to do an experiment every week from Mr. Wizard’s Supermarket Science.

Music:  This was for those years and students who did music lessons.  Also, I would play guitar and we would sing.  They got credit for doing that too.

Art:  At times we had used an art how to book or other art projects.

Foreign Language:  If you’re doing it.  We had a tutor come at times.

Put down the Chores – dishes, make bed – that the child has to do.

Every Sunday night or very early on Monday morning I’d sit there with all their books and set out the week’s work for each student on one of these sheets.  And as adults, I noticed they are real self-starters.

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