The viral “no homework” debate — or debacle

AE Houseman, image credit: Wikipedia

On Tuesday, a Facebook post about a second grade teacher (yes, she was from Texas) who said research didn’t support her giving homework went viral.  All over the country, parents and others began the cry:  “Down with homework!” On Twitter Friday night the #ditchhw thread lit up with opposing teacher factions.  Many claimed that homework was indeed, useless. wrote that she “Tried to find research that said Homework prepares kids for college… couldn’t find it.

Others, like  Kelly Gallegher @KellyToGo said “Homework is not the problem.  Stupid homework is the problem.”  I asked my husband, a Latin teacher,  what he thought was up with this idea of giving up on homework.

“Homework is useless?” or “Homework is a panacea?”  Neither.  As Houseman taught, you have to sit down and look at every individual instance on an individual basis.

Link to part two of this post  — in which I discuss the effect hours of homework is actually having on my house — and somewhat rethink my position.


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