My favorite Blog Posts in December

So after a long time, I am going to restart the Favorite Blog Posts feature.  In which I have linked, over the last month, my favorite blog posts and made them into a digest.  Although I knew about this style of post years ago, I thank Austin Kleon for renewing my interest in the “roundup” blog post.

 “Grading  doesn’t teach. Feedback does,” as master teacher Kelly Gallaher puts it.    You should follow Kelly.  Man of few words, and almost all of them good ones. The full article, Grading vs. Assessing” is on Education Week Teacher.

According to The Guardian UK  in this blog, “Why Time Management is Ruining our Lives,” you can experience what martial arts masters call “Mind like Water” but not through keeping your email inbox cleaned out.  If you’ve been wondering why you can’t get it all done, the answer is here.

My friend Robert Ward (yeah you should follow him too) had a blockbuster month, had his A1 article on creating engagement in the classroom featured in the US Department of Education Newsletter.   Straight to the Edutopia article here.

I link this next article for my own reference to use in developing middle school reading interventions:  a very fine powerpoint on teaching middle school reading in the content areas by Sue Z. Beers.  Includes notes on the practice of time-on-task, reading strategies, and the national average reading percentiles of students who read various minutes per day (that alone makes it worth checking.)

EducationRickshaw wrote an interesting reflection on both learning from other teacher’s practice and the value of art in the classroom in the post
Teacher Draws 180 Unique Whiteboard Illustrations: One for Every Day of the School Year.

And finally, “Boss Fight — Fighting Conspiracy Thinking” in which David Therialt does some complicated verbal gymnastics linking student-led creative assignments in high school, the rumor mill that exists in the teacher’s lounge, and Pokemon Black and White (apparently a video game).  Therialt also contributes a weird twist on the Socratic Seminar, How to Throw Socratic Seminars out of the Ring.

Will have to show that last article to our resident classicist, Dean, and see if I can get him to write a blog post on whether Socratic Seminar is a true classical education method or not, something which I have heard him talk about, but getting him to put things on the page is a little difficult.  By the way, I just googled Dean and found out he has a Facebook page as a “public figure.”  I think I better let him know about this; I’m quite sure it was done by one of his students… and you readers maybe better google yourselves again, you never know what may come up!

6 thoughts on “My favorite Blog Posts in December”

  1. Sonja, I am honored to be included in this roundup of outstanding blog posts, AND I am borrowing this technique that heretofore escaped my notice. What a great way to give fellow writers props and to provide readers with easy access to those must-read articles they may have missed. Best of all, I am thrilled to be referred to as your friend. You may not know this, but yours was the very first blog that I ever followed. I am looking forward to learning with you in the new year. Cheers!

    1. Thanks Robert, much obliged for the kind words ;-). I am in your debt for the help you have provided with this blog!

    1. My husband and I always wanted to be international teachers but got bogged down with grad school and kids — well, it’s nice to see someone else doing it!

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