The Crown and I

Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II
Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II

We’ve been watching the Netflix series “The Crown” about the early years of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, and boy, is it something. First recommended by my daughter, who binge-watched it over a weekend (the first season is only ten episodes) The Crown combines a remarkable mix of inspirational pomp, circumstance, and pageantry with a moderately dysfunctional family and what might be called the dark truth of rule: that leadership is ultimately about service.

And oh, the costumes. After tonight’s episode, #8, in which Elizabeth had 100 dresses made for her tour of the Commonwealth (which I now realize has 52 countries, far more than I hard thought) I rushed back to the computer to search on for patterns for 50’s dresses.

50's dress Vogue 8999
Vogue 8999 is a perfect example of a retro 50’s dress of the type I seek.

After passing up all the strapless models (even if I dared wear one — where would I go in it) I found a couple of promising numbers, including Vogue 8999, which I thought might be just the thing for church or date night.

I have to say I will stop at the hats, though they are intriguing.


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