Favorite Blog Posts from April — Better Late than Never

This solid gold graphic is from the twitter feed of @KyleneBeers

This graphic to the right is solid gold:  The difference between top reading scores and bottoming out could be just 20 minutes of daily reading.  Via @KyleneBeers.

…  Next up:  This article was a standout, questioning the way we structure school and our attitudes about so-called failure:  Standards, Grades And Tests Are Wildly Outdated, Argues ‘End Of Average.  Via @anya1anya

Just a quote from my friend Robert Ward which gave me this top tweet with 24 engagements:  “Kids do not need abundance of gifts, they need frequent bouts of undivided attention.” This is from ‘s book A Teacher’s Inside Advice to Parents.

I have been reflecting and reflecting on what learned when I read Agatha Christie’s biography.  Ten ideas about writing that helped make her great:  What Agatha Christie taught me about novel writing .  The most important one, I think, is that it’s clear she didn’t worry over revising or criticism too much.

This fine article about parenting an LD child through a crisis also has a kernel of wisdom about the unreasonableness of allowing oneself to be consumed by fear: Learning Disabled- Weathering The Storm Within via

Finally, an old question in a new wineskin: To Extend the School Year/Day or not: That is the Question. via 

To prevent this April post from running any later into May, that’s all I’ve got.


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