Book Review: Robert Ward’s A Teacher’s Inside Advice to Parents

A Teacher's Inside Advice to Parents by Robert Ward
A Teacher’s Inside Advice to Parents by Robert Ward

Robert Ward has turned his 23 years of experience teaching and reflection on middle school youth into a  handbook for parents perplexed by youth behavior, perhaps because we’ve forgotten to reflect on things from the standpoint of the child. This book has changed the way I parent and the way I teach.  Every time I read five pages I have stop and change what I’m doing to fix a problem.

In its own modern way, this book is a restatement of Dale Carnegies “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” in which Carnegie shows that people don’t actually want what you want, they want what *they* want, but if you figure out what *they* want, you can use it to get what you want too.

The competent parent, according to Ward, provides a household with Leadership, Love, Laughter, and Learning.  These characteristics of the family environment will result in the young person’s needs being met, and once their needs are met, problems of all types will dissipate.  For you and for them.

Parenting, my mother used to tell me, is not for the faint of heart, but with Ward’s book, you can expect yourself and your young ones to be strengthened by his positive practices that prepare people to be successful adults!  And to see that happen is why we all started raising these small people, isn’t it?  No, it’s not an easy fix, but I believe that, if you take his steps, a fix it will be, and when we’re talking book about parenting self-help, what more could you ask?

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  1. I have a close friend who is an actor who regularly appears on Broadway. He does not read reviews of his shows anymore, choosing instead to receive feedback only from the friends and colleagues who he admires most. So when I have the opportunity to read a review of one of my books written by a teacher, parent, and friend who I respect, it is a a privilege to receive their honest opinion. Of course, that privilege turns to honor when the review is as personal and perceptive as this one is. Sonja, you not only “got” what I was trying to convey in my book, but you paid me the high praise of actually applying my ideas and suggestions with your own children. Thank you, dear friend!

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