What do we do in classical education for pre-K?

A friend wanted to get her child ready for kindergarten at a local classical school.  She wrote:


I am very interested in classical education for (3 year old son). I only taught in public school which did not teach classical education. I would love to hear more about it. I really feel like he could greatly benefit. There is a classical school near me, its a charter school and its k-12. I am thinking if I know more about it I could give him a good preschool education by homeschooling him with classical teachings. That way he will be all prepared for kindergarten.

I do want to add that he knows his alphabet, basic sounds for each letter, numbers to 12 by identifying, 1-25 by saying independently, shapes, understanding of patterns, and colors. I am a proud mamma bear!


It sounds like you’re doing a great job. I’m sure he will be fine in any school.

At his age, the classical approach would encourage nursery rhyme memorization, child’s song singing times, playing with blocks and Duplos, going on walks, drawing pictures, both of books and of what he sees outside, copying letters and words if he wishes to, learning good manners, reading aloud as much as he will listen, and orderly home routines (putting his toys in a toy box before coming to supper).

Also you might begin to practice counting with association (how many) and putting groups together just for fun. Though they’ll teach all that in kindergarten, he’ll be a little ahead.


I found the following blog post by Amy at Living and Learning at Home helpful.  Most of this is a detailed expansion of the same type of things I wrote about above, but she also includes narration, which I hadn’t thought of, and which would appear helpful as well: Five Days a Week Preschool.


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