Favorite Blog Posts of July

Culture and Letters

@Longreads   published this long and somewhat two-sided reflection by Hampton Sides on coming to a belief in truth within the era of “Fake News.”  Including the idea that the internet is like a locomotive in a pastoral garden.


Research shows how early readers learn more from Fantasy stories than from non-fiction.  via @GraniteClassical.   I might have included this under Classical Education, but it’s mainline research done in a public school.

Home school parents are leading the way in a potential education-method revolution: mobile learning. From @VarkeyFdn.

Teacherblog:  Why are we lying to our students?  In terms of Santa Claus and other things.  It’s a case of epistemology, I would say, not of whether teachers are wanting to do the right thing …   via @JasperFoxSR .

Value-added rethink via @matt_barnum: challenging value added methodolgy, and also challenging the very idea that higher test scores [mean] improved life.

Talented Teachers who might have too much time on their hands, or at least more than I do?  Try this:  “It’s all about that place, place value” – terrific remake of “All About the Bass” by a math teacher who likes to beatbox: Elementary math teachers take note.  Via @Bookmaster84.

@RewardingEdu gives his Ten Ps of Positive Classroom Management in UKEdMag just in time to get us ready to prepare for the coming year.

A thoughtful blog reflection on reading the classics vs. reading for the heart, and a call to child-centered education.   via @NowakRo

Classical Education

Want to read more about #classicaleducation but don’t know where to start? Thanks to @flsplano for providing this list.   And here’s a similar list from consortium for Classical Lutheran Education. Via @ClassicalLuthEd. Now that it’s time to make a classroom management plan, this unusual suggestion via @circeins. The classroom catechism: Could it be a new classical education tradition?

Alright, so it’s a little short on the classical angle.  I started a Google news alert on “classical education” so … hopefully … I will have a better selection next month.

Thanks for reading!

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