About the Author

Why is this blog anonymous?

Well, because I’m a public school teacher and some of the issues treated here — reading methodology and classical education — can be controversial.

In addition, school districts sometimes disdain the publishing of blogs by teachers at all — when you’re in a large public organization, there’s always the risk that they won’t like your message.   And, as I wrote on my “Teach Reading Classically” page, the “reading wars” are real.

That said: I am an elementary school teacher and one-time home schooling mom, with ten years of experience in both, a reader,  who with regard to pedagogy uses an intensive phonics-based curriculum along with read alouds, writing, independent reading and small groups.  I believe every child can learn to read.

I write this blog to organize my thinking, to reach out to other moms, teachers, and classical education sympathizers, and to try to be like the Greek philosophers, who taught and wrote and tried to figure out the way the world worked.

That last one is tricky.  But, as you can find on posters all over the place these days, “the joy is in the journey.”  Looking for truth, like Diogenes looking for an honest man, becomes a quest that animates the life of an everyday teacher.